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3A7 Torque Wrench Pump

Introducing the heavy-industrial StrongLink 3A7 Torque Wrench Pump, designed specifically to tackle your harshest work conditions hour after hour, day after day, year after year. The patent pending design completely conditions both the hydraulic fluid and air supply to maximize system component life and dramatically improve return on investment.

  • ALL fluid pumped to tools is filtered and cooled before returning to tank
  • A 10-micron filter is used to ensure complete filtering of hydraulic fluid
  • Oil filter gauge monitors and indicates when the filter needs to be changed
  • Heat exchanger cooling eliminates condensation in tank and fluid
  • Pressure relief valve, instead of running the motor, used to relieve air
  • Water separator removes 99+% of water from compressed air
  • Heavy duty filter / regulator filters out remaining moisture and particulates
  • Air lubricator ensures air motor is protected and operates efficiently
  • High-efficiency vane air motor is compact with low air requirements
  • Three-stage pump provides optimum performance for work applications
  • Heavy steel frame fully protects all torque wrench pump components
  • Robust pendant design tolerates the harshest work conditions
  • Complete conditioning of hydraulic fluid reduces maintenance frequency
  • Clear front on reservoir for easy hydraulic fluid level and condition checks
  • Easy to access service points for efficient and easy maintenance

Performance* at 90 psi Dynamic Air Pressure**

*Units tested with filter / regulator and lubricator on unit.
**Supply air pressure measured before filter / regulator and lubricator.


  • Pump Unit Length 22-3/4" (578 mm)
  • Pump Unit Width 13-3/4" (350 mm)
  • Pump Unit Weight (with fluids) 90 lbs. (41 kg)
  • Required Air Supply 90 – 95 psi (6.2 – 6.5 bar)

    @ 47 cfm (1330 L/min)

  • Max. Pressure Output 10,000 psi (700 bar)
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